Women's Gel Padded Breathable Cycling Underwear

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No More Saddle Sore!

Sitting on a bicycle puts massive pressure on your buttocks causing discomfort which ruins your riding experience. Our Gel Padded underwear is scientifically designed to absorb all the pressure and it lets you enjoy a ride without discomfort. 


Made of breathable polyester embedded with surgical gel pads for maximum comfort. It also absorbs 100% sweat to stay dry throughout your rides. Choose from a variety of designs. Get 50% Off when you order now!


Avoid saddle sore- It absorbs all the pressure and avoids your buttocks from causing discomfort. 

Heavenly Comfort- Surgical gel pads and the breathable material provides you a highly comfortable experience.

Anti-sweat- It absorbs all your sweat and stays dry throughout your ride.

Easy to clean- It is machine washable for your convenience. 

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