Bundle of Tactical Adjustable Multipurpose Clamps

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Clamp anything, anywhere at anytime! 

Imagine having the convenience to clamp anything ranging from tarpaulin, trailer covers, boat covers, pool covers, car shades and much more with just one device. Introducing our latest multipurpose clamps. Made of military grade nylon plastic to last a lifetime. Shockproof and windproof to suit any environment. 

Inescapable Bite

Comes with a screw locking mechanism to be adjustable for holding materials of any size with unshakable power. 


  • Multipurpose: Clamp anything ranging from tarpaulin, trailer covers, boat covers, pool covers, car shades and much more
  • Screw Lock Mechanism: Adjust the size to fit any material of any size for unshakable power thanks to its flawless screw knob.
  • Durable Materials: Made of Military Grade Nylon Plastic to resist any harsh environment with unaffected performance. 
  • Attach loops: Comes with a loop hole at the bottom to let you attach any loop to fit your needs. 

  • Compact Size:  Each clamp isn't even the size of your palm and doesn't require much space for storing. 

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