Ice Cube Maker Pro™

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Avoid the hassle and free up your freezer space!

Do you know the hassle to extract ice from a traditional ice tray? Imagine owning an Ice Cube Maker Pro which uses double chamber technology to make 120 ice cubes at once while freeing up your freezer space! 

Ice Genie: The Ice Cube Maker | Must Have Stuff


Save Space With Double Chamber Technology

Ice Cube Maker Pro comes with two chambers, one for making ice and the center chamber for storing them. This allows you to store ice cubes while making more ice cubes while occupying the same amount of space in your freezer. 

Revolutionary Silicone Ice Bucket Maker

Made of highly durable BPA-free food grade silicone for easier extraction of ice. And also, its dishwasher safe. Comes with an airtight lid which leaves the ice cubes fresh and free from any odors.  


Enjoy Multiple Uses 

Ice Cube Maker Pro can be used as an Ice cube maker, beverage insulator and also as a portable ice bucket.


How it works

  1. Simply fill the outer chamber with water.
  2. Then lift up the inner cylinder after the water freezes
  3. Easily squeeze the bucket to release the cubes!



Hassle-Free Ice Extraction- Simply squeeze the ice cubes into the bucket and refill to make more cubes. 

    Save a lot of space- It allows you to store the ice cubes inside while making more ice cubes which requires no additional space.

      Multiple Uses- It can be used as an Ice cube maker, beverage insulator and also as a portable ice bucket.

        Enjoy fresh ice cubes- It comes with an airtight lid which leaves the ice cubes fresh and free from any odors.  

          BPA-free product- Made of highly durable BPA-free food grade silicone to be 100% safe for use.

            Dishwasher safe.

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